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Mastery Full DP-6-QLL

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  • Universal Codes to rapidly transform your blocks and materialize your dreams
  • Become a Dreamporting Practitioner using Daniel's methodology 
  • A complete toolkit to help you facilitate miracles

What People Are Saying:

I’m going thru the courses for Mastery and Certification. I’m a Reiki practitioner and I’ve experienced AMAZING AND LIFE CHANGING releases that were blocking me from helping others reach their next levels while taking this course. I’ve also manifested AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES AND FINANCIAL JUMPS IN INCOME from utilizing this course. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND signing up!


Overall this mastery course has been life altering for me. Rapid expansions & huge breakthroughs. Grateful for the integration time because this is a lot in the best way!


“My clients have tripled! I transformed my addiction to alcohol! I’m able to receive visions now after struggling to visualize, being able to shift from a victim to my higher self and that’s been the biggest gift from Dreamporting that I could ever ask for - to not feel like these external situations control me. I had an intense fear of being seen before entering Dreamporting and I’m so much more confident and I’m not afraid of being seen and actually enjoy socializing which I never thought would shift.”